Office Consulting and Assistance

Installing an office application on your computer for the first time? Need training assistance, or help setting up your office with Windows? Contact us at PMC for advice and assistance with your office's needs.

Office Consulting

We can help you optimize your office processes:

  • Streamline your procedures and save time- this may be in combination with using technology, or just re-working the procedures you have laid out for your staff.

We can help you find resources:

  • We can search for, find, and choose the best office application software for your needs.
  • We can Find training and certification centers for your office products. (Microsoft and Windows Certification, Linux Certification)
  • Even if we can't help you with a particular difficulty, we can help you find someone who can- putting the time back in your hands while we look for the best person to do the job.

Our expert assistant can:

  • Install an operating system, and/or office software on your office computers.
  • Set up the software and help your office staff tailor it to their individual needs.

Assistant Services

  • If your office needs short-term/vacation relief, and you don't have time to go through an employment agency, give us a call!
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