ASAP-CRS Manufacturing Execution System


MES Benefits

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) can cut your costs between 10% and 45% according to MESA International. These savings are achieved by better coordination, reduced shift end paperwork, reduced data entry time and reduced lead time among other improvements. MES systems improve information flow from the shop floor to many other systems, and improve coordination and information flow from the business systems to the shop floor.


ASAP-CRS is one of these new generation MES systems that gives you a better bottom line through improved communications and better control.

ASAP-CRS is a Coordinating Scheduler and data collection system which uses a distributed database for high reliability and fault tolerance. This design was chosen for reliable performance in harsh industrial environments. The core of the system is a technology that allows us to link our system to others, and make sure that each department gets the information they need to run smoothly - and independently, if need be. By providing a production scheduling system that is tightly integrated with automated shop floor data collection, ASAP-CRS provides timely production information to management so they can make informed decisions about how to use their capacity. Further, ASAP-CRS can be integrated with most financial systems, to reduce data entry, and improve the consistency of information through all departments.

ASAP-CRS gives manufacturers control of their plants by providing a MES which includes a Finite Capacity Scheduler with a real-time feedback loop by way of the integrated shop floor data collection system. The ASAP-CRS Scheduler coordinates the information flow between the production floor and the sales, management, logistics and accounting departments. Manufacturers save time by automatically collecting, compiling and presenting data through the ASAP-CRS system - instead of manual compilation. Thus freeing more time for identifying and solving problems, and freeing more time for better planning the best use of production facilities.

ASAP-CRS supports many manufacturing philosophies including Holonic Manufacturing, Continuous Flow, Synchronous Manufacturing, and Job Shop among others. We also support hybrid systems. For example: some of the orders flowing through your system may be a customer order, whereas other orders may be consolidated orders identified only by the part number, or a single work order number. In a "Job Shop" system, the customer order can be identified at each different manufacturing stage; with consolidated orders it is only possible to identify the product being manufactured. In this latter style of manufacturing, the daily production is usually entered into inventory, and is "back-flushed" to fill current orders. Whether you use a particular style of manufacturing, or use different styles to suit the particular department, the ASAP-CRS system will work for you.

ASAP-CRS Features:

  • A fast, flexible Manufacturing Execution System ( MES )
  • A flexible dynamic production schedule;
  • Up to the minute information on the status of production orders;
  • Prompt, error-free collection of production data;
  • Product labelling that satisfies your customer requirements as well as your own;
  • A production system that supports your sales and financial systems;
  • Systems that integrate where they should (e.g. Scheduling, Production, Quality Control), so you have a consistent source of information about your manufacturing activities.
  • Integration to most ERP and MRP systems.
  • Available in stand alone and client server versions.
  • High reliability through autonomous operation of scheduling and data collection units.
  • High reliability through fault tolerance mechanisms.

In short - you get control of your manufacturing operations.

Software Technical Information

Detailed information and screen shots are available for the major functional areas of ASAP-CRS.

Documents in PDF Format

How to get Adobe Acrobat so you can read PDF documents through your browser.

  • ASAP-CRS Information. This sheet gives you some general information about our ASAP-CRS MES in a one page synopsis format.
  • ASAP-CRS/PE This specialized system is designed for plants that make plastic film, plastic bags, and printed plastic bags. This version of our system incorporates optimization for extruders based on due date, color, blend, width (diameter) and gauge. (Available last quarter, 1997)
  • MES Information sheet. This document explains "Manufacturing Execution Systems" and describes the essential components. If you want to know the Eleven issues that an MES system should address, this document will help you understand what is required, and why it is required.
  • Link to our MES Information Page where we have more documents in PDF format with information on MES systems and Intelligent Manufacturing Systems.

ASAP - Cooperative Resource Scheduler - ASAP-CRS is a suite of modern Windows-based applications that give you control of your plant through a real-time feedback loop between administration, and the factory floor. When integrated with your financial systems, ASAP-CRS binds together your Scheduling, Production, Quality Assurance, and Product Tagging/Bar Coding systems. You save time and money, while maintaining better control of your plant.

Adobe PDF Documents

You can download a copy (in PDF format) of some of our brochures and information sheets that may assist you in understanding our systems. Further information is available on our MES and Intelligent Manufacturing systems page. The Adobe Acrobat reader is available at the Adobe Download page. Just choose the Acrobat Reader version appropriate to your operating system and browser, and follow the directions from Adobe.

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