Manufacturing Consulting

We can help you with optimizing your manufacturing processes!

  • Emergency Investigation and Troubleshooting service
  • Cooperative Resource Scheduling
  • Integrated Data Collection
  • Product Tracking (ISO9000 compliance)
  • Bar Coding and Product Identification Systems
  • Quality Assurance test definition and scheduling
  • Application software design and creation

General Consulting Services

Our consultants have previous experience in process manufacturing and assembly manufacturing. We can look at your situation and determine if we can provide the required services or equipment to resolve your manufacturing issues. If you need assistance and advice on a wide range of issues including platforms, IT system security, infrastructure and application selection and development, we can gather information and create a proposal to satisfy your needs.

Manufacturing Applications and Mini-Applications

We can supply our suite of manufacturing applications in original form or as mini applications to perform required tasks - such as tracking production, manufacturing resource scheduling, Bar Coding and labelling. Look through our Applications and Mini Applications for some idea of what we can provide.

These applications can be provided as binary code and licensed accordingly or under a source code license for cooperative development.

Custom Services & Application Development

We can provide custom application development from concept to installation where you wish to own the entire application - source code and all - or where your needs are unique enough that you realize that an "off the shelf" application will simply not fit the bill.

Emergency Services and Troubleshooting

We can supply consultants with extensive computer and manufacturing experience to resolve problems in your manufacturing automation systems. If you have an emergency situation or an ongoing problem situation that is affecting your ability to keep your plant running in a timely and efficient manner we may be able to help. This assistance is only for the most serious of problems as it will be provided only on a case by case basis. If you have a situation with which you need assistance please call us to discuss your expectations. If we feel we can help we will arrange an interview and will then suggest a course of action. A decision as to whether to provide service is solely at our discretion and ability to assist. All information will be held in strictest confidence. A minimum daily retainer will be charged.

Manufacturing Execution Systems General Information

We have a selection of papers on MES and Holonic Manufacturing systems available. We also have links to speciality organizations that are on the cutting edge of manufacturing technology.

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